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For more information on the hosting options available to you and which one may suit your organization best please refer to our Hosting Matrix and please feel free to contact our sales team.


Job Title: Sales Representative
Department: Sales
Location: Anywhere

Responsibilities: As an Sales Representative, you will be responsible for qualifying leads, setting up meetings with customers via telephone, Internet and other outbound for sales department to contact them at later time. You will also reactively answer some sales inquiries received via inbound calls and the web site.

Requirements: Good communication, typing skills and closing skills. A thorough understanding of Internet technology.

Type: Full-time/Part-time/Independent

Compensation: Salary plus bonus

Contact: (no phone calls please)

Job Title: System Administrator Support
Department: Technical Team
Location: Toronto, Ontario - Canada

Responsibilities: This project will entail receiving customer calls/tickets for problems, and providing resolution. We seek the following: The ability to manage and work with a variety of technologies, identify and document areas of improvements, and handling of several tasks simultaneously.

Requirements: Specifically, we seek a working knowledge of the LINUX operating system, experience with Red Hat, LINUX application deployment and support. (Apache, Sendmail, FTPd) and a strong knowledge of security, particularly as it relates to LINUX, its applications, and services.

Type: Full-time/Part-time

Compensation: Salary

Contact: (no phone calls please)

Job Title: Systems Security Expert
Department: Technical Team
Location: Toronto, Ontario - Canada

Responsibilities: As the Systems Security Expert, you will be responsible for reviewing our systems and network security, implementing security practices and procedures, network and system security audits, development and deployment of updated security packages for our customer's servers, as well as many other security related issues.

Requirements: 5+ years experience working with the Internet. 4+ years experience working with Linux (Any Flavor), and experience working with Windows 2000. Knowledge of 7 Layer OSI model plus TCP/UDP SYN/ACKS. Strong knowledge of TCP/IP internals a must. Experience working with RPM a plus. C and or Perl Programming knowledge a plus. Experience diagnosing and repairing security intrusions required, including buffer overflows, race conditions, Denial of Service attacks, as well as other intrusion/hacking methods.

Type: Full-time / Part-time

Compensation: Salary

Contact: (no phone calls please)

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