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Acceptable Use Policy

The primary objective of MediaRazor is to provide excellence in web hosting services and unsurpassed technical support to our customers. To be able to protect each one of our customers, and to preserve our pricing structure and quality of service, we need to make sure that certain rules are followed.

When you engage in any of the following activities, you are in violation of our policies. MediaRazor reserves the right to cancel any member without refund for violating any of this guidelines:

(You should also want to read our Terms and Conditions.)

Website Content:
Your Website content will remain under your domain; your domain will not be made available to any other entity unless you specifically request it. You have the right to retain files that you seek to hold on your Website as long as they do not violate our policies. You are not allowed to publish any material that under MediaRazor' discretion: violates local, state, federal, or international laws; has obscene or pornographic material, threatens the Internet community, encourages criminal mischief, or material that could give rise to civil liability.

MediaRazor has a zero stance policy on all pornography Websites. We do not seek to abridge users' constitutional rights, but we uphold all laws applicable to the content of sites hosted on our servers. The average "Adult Site" gets more hits than 50 standard Websites combined. Some adult sites get around 5 to 10 GB of transfer per day. Our servers would be severely slowed with these types of resources being utilized. We would even be forced to raise our prices to pay for the additional bandwidth. We strive to keep our servers fast and inexpensive; therefore, adult sites are not allowed.

Warez Sites:
Warez Sites are sites that are typically used by "hackers" to trade (upload/download) illegally pirated copies of software programs with one another. MediaRazor has a zero stance policy on all Warez Sites. Sites that become a trading post for "warez" programs will be reported to any and all regulatory, administrative, and/or governmental authorities for prosecution. In addition to your account being deleted from our servers, you may face legal action that can be taken against you by the programmers/software companies of the copyrighted software.

Network Abuse:
Our hosting accounts operate on shared network resources. This means that there are several hosting accounts per server. Excessive use or "abuse" of these network resources by one customer have a negative impact on all other customers. In all fairness, you are not allowed to deliberately consume network resources in an excessive manner, this includes but is not limited to: CPU time, memory, and disk space. You are also not allowed to use resource-intensive programs that can negatively impact other customers or the performance of our systems. High Network traffic and throughput is not a problem for MediaRazor, but extreme network traffic or uploading and downloading can sometimes create problems. You are allowed to exceed your maximum bandwidth usage without being shut off, however, you will be billed $5.25 for each additional GB of throughput on your next billing cycle.

IRC: We DO NOT allow IRC or IRC bots to be operated on our servers. This includes any application that utilizes Raw Sockets and/or ICMP Packets to short-circuit the TCP/IP stack.

Sending the same, or substantially similar, unsolicited email message, whether commercial or not, to more than one recipient (known as "spamming") is strongly disfavored among Internet users and Internet service providers. You are not allowed to use your MediaRazor hosting account or email accounts to send unsolicited email. Our "Spamming" rules also apply to mailing lists. Mailing lists are only to be focused at an audience that has voluntarily signed up for your email information or that has made their email address available for distribution of information from you.

Newsgroup Spamming:
Defined as excessive cross-posting, or posting the same article to several newsgroups. This is prohibited. Accepted standards allow no more than 15 newsgroups, or cross-postings, for a single article or similar articles.

Illegal/Unauthorized Access to Other Computers or Networks:
The illegal or unauthorized accessing (often known as "hacking" or "cracking") of computers or networks carries potential civil and criminal penalties under both federal laws and the laws of most states. MediaRazor reserves the right to report illegal activities to any and all regulatory, administrative, and/or governmental authorities for prosecution.

Other activities:
Whether lawful or unlawful, that MediaRazor determines to be harmful to its customers, operations or reputation, including activities that restrict or inhibit any other user from using and enjoying our services.

Failure to follow any term or condition will be grounds for immediate account deactivation.

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