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We could write pages and pages about the quality and value in MediaRazor Technologies's web hosting services but you would probably rather hear what our customers think...

I've hosted my site with MediaRazor for about a year now and I've been happy with their professionalism, support and responsiveness since day one. I was originally hosting my site with an American company, and had not really been satisfied with their service. I was looking for a hosting solution that would support a Shoutcast server in order for me to broadcast my dj mixes to listeners, preferably a Canadian-based company who was close to my location. A friend referred me to MediaRazor, who was willing to provide me with a custom solution to match my needs.

As soon as I started to make the move over to MediaRazor, I was immediately impressed with their quick responses to my support questions and their friendliness as well as their easy-to-use interface for managing my account and my domains. My previous host's tech support personnel were quite rude and short with me, and always sounded like they had something better to do. MediaRazor has always treated me with respect and has earned my trust and my business.

I used to control my domain names through Network Solutions, which caused me no end of grief. My host's account management tools were not much better either. Moving to MediaRazor was a breeze; indeed, their admin tools are like a breath of fresh air after wallowing in the mirky, convoluted admin screens of my previous host.

If all that wasn't enough, MediaRazor is priced compete with other ISP's on the market.

I cannot recommend MediaRazor enough. Thanks guys!

Stephen Scholtz (aka DJ Shagz -

"Thanks, that fixed it right up.Your tech. support is beyond compare. I have had other sites hosted elsewhere and can sum it up in one word, frustrating. Keep up the good work"

Carlos A Simon (Spix YYZ

Extremely Satisfied Customer

I am a Sales Supervisor for a start-up IT Marketing Company Based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. My previous experience entails Customer Service Manager with Gateway Computers (Houston, TX), as well as a District Sales Manager with a chain store in Los Angeles, CA.

I have had extensive experiences with numerous domain registrars and hosting services, so when it came to registering a domain name for my new company, I signed up for service with several providers (, and After 3 days from finishing the registration process, I got an email from saying that they can not process my credit card and hence did not register my requested domain names. never activated my service and are still yet to provide me any service for the money they charged to my card. After 2 weeks of waiting, I was frustrated and very anxious to get my email system running and domain hosted.

I contacted Media Razor and boy can I write poetry about their service. They handled me professionally, quickly and were so friendly that I started treating them as my internal support team. They registered all my domains (35 domains) within 24 hours, hosted my domain in 4 hours and setup the email (they actually did it themselves cause I was experiencing difficulties) for 14 employees. To give you a brief idea about their level of support, I was emailing them an average of 6 emails DAILY and getting responses within 1 hour. I can not thank their friendliness, professionalism, or promptness enough. In my book, Media Razor's support team is composed of "Angels" watching over my every domain / hosting service. Support Team, I salute you!

Sam Issa (

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