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Anti-Virus Protection

Research shows that your business is more likely to receive a virus through your email gateway than through any other route.

SafeMail Virus Scanning checks all email traffic passing through your email server in real-time, providing protection against mass-mailing worms and viruses, including the latest multi-faceted attacks that combine virus, spam and DoS attacks. Viruses are stopped at the gateway, before they can proliferate within a corporate network.

Sophisticated threat reduction technology provides a powerful ability to prevent even new, unknown email-aware worms from entering your business without having to update your anti-virus solution. SafeMail automatically checks executable content and files in email for malicious code and applies the appropriate policy to handle the message actions for fast and reliable protection.

  • Safeguard intellectual property from damage by virus attacks
  • Protect your network and other assets from virus attack in real-time
  • Protect reputations by guarding against delivery of a virus to a partner or customer
Real-time protection from:
  • Virus-driven email outbreaks
  • Worms
  • Viruses
  • Trojans
  • Malicious code
  • Suspicious attachments
  • Multi-faceted protection
    Establish automatic policies that protect against multi-faceted spam, virus, DHA and DoS attacks—such as the Sobig email-borne virus and DoS email attacks—as they arise
  • Outbreak protection
    Message velocity monitoring detects and protects against virus-driven DoS type attacks and behavior, shielding organizations from infection and server outages during virus outbreaks
  • Easily deployed gateway protection
    Gateway level virus protection simplifies deployment. Users within the network are automatically protected, and all outbound email is automatically scanned from one central location. Organizations stay up-to-date and protected, even when individual workstations are not.
  • Automatic updates
    Automatic virus signature updates of continuously protect against the latest threats.
  • Flexible virus handling
    Define virus handling as part of an overall message handling policy. Virus cleaning ensures message delivery while preventing transmission.

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