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Anti-Spam Protection

SafeMail can effectively stop spam during the delivery process, eliminating the productivity loss, liability exposure, and resource drain that accompanies unsolicited email. Industry-leading anti-spam technology safely removes up to 98% of spam at the gateway, using a balanced combination of the latest, most effective anti-spam technologies. Quarantine digests remove administrative intervention to retrieve valid messages blocked by spam filters, eliminating the business impact of false positives.

  • Maximize administrative efficiency
  • Increase corporate productivity through efficient email usage
  • Improve network resource and bandwidth usage, mail server load and storage demand
  • Protect your organization from potential 'hostile environment' lawsuits
Real-time protection from:
  • Open proxies and relays
  • Dial-up account spamming
  • Known spammers
  • Current spam campaigns
  • Image spam
  • HTML obfuscations
  • Effective spam protection
    Safely remove up to 98% of spam from the message stream at the gateway.

  • Eliminates the business impact of false positives
    Quarantine digests enable end users to retrieve valid messages blocked by spam filters, eliminating the business impact of false positives. The digests provide end users with convenient access to their quarantined messages through their email inbox, without administrative intervention or additional tools.

  • Automatic updates
    Daily updates automate protection against new spam messages and evolving spam techniques.

  • Comprehensive spam detection
    "Cocktail" approach combines multiple techniques into a single spam probability, for increased accuracy over easily defeated single technique or layered methodologies.

  • Cutting-edge technology
    Innovative research from the SafeMail Anti-spam Task Force protects users with with the latest, most effective spam protection techniques, including recent SafeMail innovations: destination URL filtering and adaptive gateway filtering.

  • Unmatched spam handling flexibility
    Combining tests to determine an overall spam probability affords greater control and flexibility in spam handling and tuning precision. Customizable user preferences and privilegesóincluding user-specific opt-in/out privileges, thresholds, digests and spam handling preferencesódeliver unmatched flexibility.

  • Proprietary spam detection
    Spam identification tests are not publicly available or running on large public email systems. Spammers have no visibility into mail filtering, reducing their ability to innovate against SafeMail detection techniques.

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