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Video Tutorials

We have compiled a list of video tutorials that illustrate how to use our services, and address commonly asked questions related to setup of your site. These tutorials are made for reference purpose, to illustrate how one can use the feature.

If at any time you feel the tutorial is too fast for you to keep up, please use the navigation bar to control the speed.

Please click here to check if you meet the minimum requirements to view the videos.

Site Administrators Site Users / Account holders
 How to login to Admin Control Panel  How to login to User Control Panel
   Add an email/user account to your site    How to change my/users password.
   Changing admin email/password    Creating an email alias
   Changing user password    Creating an autoresponder
   Creating a catchall email account    Creating a vacation message
   Change MySQL DataBase password    Creating a mail forwarder (redirect)
   Using File Manager    Backing up and restoring your site files
   Backing up and restoring your files    User account usage information
   Password protecting a directory  
Installing SSL Certificates Using web based SquirrelMail
Managing a MySQL database with phpmyadmin Setup Outlook Express / Outlook 2000
Installing and running a CGI script Using web folders using Win XP or Win 2000
Understanding your domain settings  
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