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Why Host With MediaRazor

MediaRazor Technologies has implemented a revolutionary new technology, the "virtual secure server". A virtual secure server is created when you divide a single computer into multiple, "virtual" machines. Each virtual machine has its own unique domain name and properties. (ie: "") and performs much like a dedicated server. Just like a dedicated server, each VSS has it's own independent system files with isolated configuration of Apache (web server), Sendmail (mail server) and all installed software .

Their Way
To completely understand what VSS Technology is, you must first understand the hosting technologies that the majority of our competitors use. Our competitors choose to use a "Virtual Hosting" technology; which essentially is the hosting of multiple websites on a single machine that uses the same server software to run each and every website. Websites under a “Virtual Hosting” environment utilize the same web server, mail server, and are located in the same file directory with all other websites. There are security vulnerabilities under this environment that would allow a single compromise to affect the performance and security of the entire machine. “Virtual Hosting” environments also restrict website owner’s access to the server which doesn’t allow for any installs of custom applications.

MediaRazor's Way
Virtual Secure Server (VSS) Technology fundamentally gives you your own UNIX environment. “VSS Hosting” allows each website to operate independently from all other websites on the same physical machine. Within a physical machine, Virtual Secure Servers have their own set of files that runs inside an isolated file directory and provides autonomy for each website. Security within a VSS environment is unparalleled to that of the “Virtual Hosting” environment. Any compromise to a VSS would only affect that VSS on the physical machine and not any other VSS that resides on that server. VSS website owners have full control of the environment with administrative privileges and may install additional applications along with creating competitor style “Virtual Hosting” accounts contained by your VSS.

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